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From growing up in Scotland and moving to New York to pursue both soccer and education, there was certainly a change in the Architectural landscape that he was used to. From the skyscrapers to the infrastructure, New York was a fascinating place. After a few years, Simon packed up and made his way out West to California. It was at this moment, he became connected with his soccer teammate and soon-to-be business partner (Dante Nino), who introduced Simon to the High-End Residential market in the Hollywood Hills. From a young age, Simon was captivated by the Architectural process surrounding home designs, but to witness it firsthand in Hollywood of all places and see a pile of rubble turn into a multi-million-dollar home, was a dream come true. Whilst finishing school, and spending time outside of soccer in the Real Estate Development space, it was not long before Simon & Dante's creative minds pulled together to combine their passions for People and construction to launch Tiello.

What is your favorite thing about the Construction Industry?

There are many similarities between the dynamic of a soccer team and a construction team. Both teams are made up of professionals with many different skills and qualities, both teams must work together to get the job done right (win), and most importantly there is an immense passion within the teams that make it more than just a job/sport. Because of this, I have gained an enormous amount of respect for the industry, the people, and the amazing projects that are being built around us.

What are some Hobbies/Interests?

When I'm not recruiting top talent, you'll find me either running along the beach, playing soccer, or out at the golf range. I love traveling and can’t wait to explore some new places.

Favorite book or famous quote?

"How to win friends and influence people" - Dale Carnegie

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